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Info on Building Regulations Changes October 2015

For info on the latest changes (October 2015) to Part G, Part H, Part M and Part Q here

April 2014 Building Regulations Changes Part L

The relevant Specs & Details (See our New Builds web app) have been updated for the April 2014 Building Regs Changes (Part L1a)

Domestic Builds

For domestic builds, the changes to the Building Regulations on 6th April 2014 affect Approved Document L1a and require new build homes to achieve a 6% carbon improvement on 2010. Regulation 26A will be introduced requiring new dwellings to achieve fabric energy efficiency target (FEES) as well as the carbon dioxide target.

Complying with the Changes

To comply with these changes a designer will need to use the 2012 edition of the Standard Assessment Procedure for their SAP 2012 and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).


Appendix R of SAP 2012 (BRE: Building Research Establishment) gives example U-values which could be referred to when establishing target fabric energy efficiency and/or a target CO2 emissions rate. Our app provides examples of suitable constructions which will achieve these U values. You will find these under Part L –Target dwelling emissions rate – SAP 2012 Appendix R. The reference values are used to define a notional dwelling of the same size and shape as the actual dwelling.

We will also be uploading further examples to comply with Appendix R to provide a more extensive range of specifications.

Existing Dwellings

There are no changes to Approved Document L1b which relates to works to existing dwellings. Therefore designers for loft conversions, garage conversion and extensions can continue to use the thermal standards given in the 2010 edition of Part L1b.

Transitional Provisions applying to Building Regulations changes 2014 Part L

Dwellings can be built to Part L 2010 requirements, providing a building notice, full plans application or initial notice has been submitted to a building control prior to 6 April 2014 and work on that application commences within twelve months. These transitional provisions relate to the entire Building Regulation application therefore a commencement on one plot on the site would apply to all of the plots on the application providing the plot commenced before the final deadline of 6 April 2015.

Building Regulations - General

A Construction Specification / Note is an essential component of a Full-Plans Building Regulations Submission / Application.

A specification should meet Building Regulations, however, making the leap from the Approved Documents and Guidance Notes to creating a valid specification requires the collation of a lot of information and can be a challenging task.

Our site goes beyond Building Regulations Guidance and offers a collection of Pre-prepared Building Regulations Notes which can be added and combined, using our App, into a finished specification. The App also provides edit features allowing customisation of your specification. We also include Building Regulations Notes for:

  • A variety of building materials including several types of insulation.
  • Insulation Types

  • A range of dimensions eg rafter sizes, spans etc. You choose the relevant dimensions which produces a corresponding specification.
  • Sample Rafter Sizes and Spans

  • Different methods of construction ie use of Timber Frame Walls, solid walls, cavity walls etc.
  • Areas of Construction such as drainage, roof types, structure, foundations, external walls etc.
  • Other areas where a Building Note may be required eg Party Wall note, Smoke detection, Ventilation etc.
  • House Extensions, Loft Conversions and Garage Conversions
  • The Specs are applicable to work undertaken in England & Wales only.
Warm Pitched Roof Construction Detail Drawing

We also offer a useful library of Detail Drawings for House Extension, Loft and Garage Conversion Plans, which provide an additional degree of clarification for Building Control or your Approved Inspector and the Construction team.

Detail Drawings can be purchased for a modest fee.

Please contact us if you have any queries about registration.

Building Regulations Approved Documents and our Specifications - additional guidance.

  • Part A - Structure. As well as a dedicated category on Structure in each of the extensions, garage and loft conversions sections, many of the specifications are relevant to this Part. It may be necessary to refer to Trada tables and to engage a Structural Engineer for Calculations. If in any doubt, you should consult Building Control or your Approved Inspector.
  • Sample Structure Notes, Beams, Lintels

  • Part B - Fire Safety. We have a specific category for Means of Escape and Fire Regulations. Aspects of fire safety are also covered in structure ie encasement of beams against fire.
  • Part C - Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture. As well as Site Preparation category notes specific to this, aspects of Part C are also covered in within Walls and Floors.
  • Part E - Resistance to Sound. Many of the Walls and Floors notes are relevant to Part E, where mineral wool is used as insulation.
  • Part F - Ventilation. We have a dedicated category, Ventilation, in extensions, garage and loft conversions.
  • Ventilation Building Regulations Notes

  • Part H - Drainage and Waste Disposal. Notes relevant to Part H are in a dedicated category, called Drainage.
  • Foul Drainage Notes

  • Part P - Electrical Safety. Notes for Electrical Safety in Internal Works category.

For info on the April 2014 Building Regulations changes, click here

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