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Load and Save Functions

Video Tutorial: Saving / Loading a specification. Exporting to PDF

Some exciting new features are now available to registered users:

  • Load / Save Specification
    Save up to 100 specifications for editing and use at a later time
  • Export to PDF
    Export specifications to a neatly formatted PDF
Save Building Regulations Specification

1. Save a Specification

1. Once you have added Specifications into your Note-List you can click the "Save" button at the top of the column to store it in one of the 100 slots available.

Once saved, you can return to your Building Regulations Specification at a later date.

Saving Building Regulations Spec

2. Choose a Slot

After clicking "Save", you will be presented with a screen where you can choose one of the 100 slots in which to save your specification.

Select one of the empty slots, indicated by a "New Job" button on the right.

If all of the slots are full, you will need to overwrite one of the existing ones. You will be prompted to confirm when saving a new spec or overwriting an existing specification.

Save Building Regulations Specification

3. Confirm Save / Overwrite

Finally, click "Save Spec" to store your Building Regs Spec in the chosen location.

You can reload that spec at any time by using the "Load" button (see below).

Load Bulding Regulations Specification

1. Load a Specification

Once you have saved a specification, you will be able to load it in subsequent sessions.

Click on the "Load" button at the top of the Note-List column.

Loading a Building Regs Spec

2. Select a Specification

On the next screen, you will be prompted to choose from one of your previously saved specifications.

Click on one of the load buttons to the right and you will be prompted to load the relevant specification which you will then be able to edit, export and save, as required.

More help and guidance, including advice on advanced functions, please see the Further Info Guide.

To begin compiling your Building Regulations Specification, choose either House Extension, New Build, Flat Conversion, Loft Conversion or Garage Conversion.

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