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Instead of purchasing a few drawings at a time, why not register for a BuildingRegs4Plans Premium account? You login and get immediate access to 750+ detail drawings! This represents excellent value for this large selection of detail drawings.

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For those who prefer to pay by cheque or BACS / Online Payment for registration, simply email us via our contact form using the relevant link below, including:

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We will then send you the relevant information.

Accessing your drawings after purchasing

Once you have purchased your drawings, you should be automatically redirected back to the BuildingRegs4Plans 'Successful Purchase' page (or given the option to return there).

You should then be able to download your drawings from the 'Get Drawings' link on the 'Successful Purchase' page. Payment verification may take a few seconds while Paypal notifies our site of a successful transaction.

If you were unable to return from Paypal to the 'Successful Purchase' page on our website after purchasing, you should also have received an email from '' with login details for accessing and downloading your drawings from our Download Login page.

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To puchase construction detail drawings, go to the relevant specification for House Extensions, Garage Conversions or Loft Conversions. Drawings are available for purchase at a moderate fee, when you view the related Building Note Specification.

If you experience any problems purchasing or downloading drawings, please contact us via our feedback form and we will endeavour to sort out any issues as quickly as possible.

Quick Links to Construction Detail Drawings

As well as the drawings shown with the relevant Building Regulations Specifications, we have a section of quick links where you can easily access a range of common drawings taken from Home Extensions, New Builds, Flat Conversions, Loft and Garage Conversions.

Also checkout the 'New Details' page for Mansard Roof Edge Detail, Box Gutter Detail, Parapet Wall Detail, Verge Detail, Threshold Detail, Window Frame, Window Sill and Window Lintel Details.

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